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Quality & Values

Transit Defazio is the first forwarding agent certified ISO 9001 in Morocco, we choose to be certified in order control our activities and development. 

We deal more than 7 500 files a year, port and airport, with an annual value for more than 95 million dirhams and bank guarantee with Customs come to 2.3 million dirhams.


Transit Defazio is built and organized around three pillars characterize our  activity and research to satisfy customers, the stakeholders and society:

  • Quality of services: We offer our customers a personalized and systematic review of each operation by applying the standards and good professional practice 
  • Quality of Human Resources: We provide our customers an efficient team to help and advise: 
  • Quality tools: We choose systems reliable, effective and responsive to our business.

Customer needs allow to invest in new technologies to speed the processing of applications, secure data and reliable customs declarations operations entrusted by our clients:

  • Application for Tracking 
  • Application for Temporary Admissions management
  • Application for Storage processing

Development of our company is based on values which form our commitment toward our partners: 

  • Be integrated 
    We share the same culture and the same objective
  • Listening to our customers:
    Every day we show our customers our best interest to provide a good service 
  • Be bold and responsible
    We are confident in our ability to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals
  • Act as a team
    We employ competent, enthusiastic and motivated people; all working together to provide the highest quality of service
  • Sharing our success
    We set the ways for improvement and reward successes