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Transit Defazio

Defazio Company was founded in1937 in Morocco. It has a customs bonded warehouse of 350m ² in Mohamed V airport in Casablanca and port Service. It deals with customs at the port, airport and free zones.

Chosen in 1990  by customs as company pilot for introduction of a new information system. Connected by a link-up, teams are well-formed for treatment of customs formalities in the shortest possible time, regardless of customs procedures.

It provides treatment for more than 7,500 files a year, port and airport, with an annual value for more than 95 million Dirhams .

To ensure the best possible customer service, 46 people are employed to inform and speed the customs clearance procedures in order to clear goods as soon as possible.

Our company was chosen in 2002 as official exclusive partner with European leader in Express Transport: TNT Express.

Customer needs allow us to invest in new technologies to accelerate file processing, secure data and reliable customs declaration:

  • Application for Tracking
  • Application for Temporary Admissions management
  • Application for Storage processing

Our company elected by the Royal Air Morocco in:

  • 2003: The forwarding agent most innovative
  • 2004:The fastest growing
  • 2005: The first forwarding Agent certified ISO 9001.


Company Name Transit Defazio
Company purpose Import, Export, Transport and storage
Share Capital 3,400,000 dirham
Legal nature S.A.R.L
Creation date  1937
Trade register  No. 29127
Matriculation on National Social Security Fund No. 1721811
Trade License No. 33107051
Tax identification 01030512 
Head Office 1, Place 16 Novembre – Casablanca
Tel +212 (0) 522.27.88.02
Fax +212 (0) 522.27.61.55
E-mail info@tdfmaroc.com